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KFPL during COVID-19 Update

Here are the links to the latest info. As you can see, things are still changing so it’s best to check the website before visiting a branch.

The Local History Room (and Kingston Branch OGS collection) are open whenever the Central Branch is open, as per normal.  COVID Protocols  are listed on our website. Here are the highlights:

  • Maximum occupancy has been determined for each location based on available space, so you may be asked to wait if the library is at capacity
  • Please maintain safe physical distancing. We’ve repositioned library furnishings to allow for physical distancing.
  • Some computers and other equipment will be out of service. [No microfilm availability at the moment! I’ll let you know about that soon.]
  • Patrons will be required to wear a mask throughout their visit, and to touch as few materials as possible.
  • All items are quarantined for 72 hours after they are returned to the library.
  • Items used in branches will be quarantined as well. This means that if you consult an item, you should place it on the quarantine truck and NOT back on the shelf. It is not to be handled again for 72 hours. (This also means that if someone else has recently used an item, it may be unavailable for consultation when you get here. Sorry in advance for the inconvenience—I know this will be challenging for researchers.
  • Please limit your stay to less than an hour, to maximize access by others.

I’d also ask Kingston Branch OGS members to connect with me by phone or email instead of dropping by my office to say hello. I love to see you all, but at the present time if you need hands-on assistance with something in particular, please let me know and we can make arrangements.

As always, I can be reached at jstanbridge@kfpl.ca or 613-549-8888 ext 3590, or through the Contact Us link on the library’s website.

Joanne Stanbridge, Librarian
Local History and Genealogy
Kingston Frontenac Public Library


Kingston Branch possesses an impressive collection of genealogical reference material, the likes of which is unequalled between Toronto and Montreal.

Photo of Kingston Branch library

Our holdings housed on 2nd floor, Central Branch KFPL, 130 Johnson Street, Kingston. Photo credit: Joyce Fingland

Our library is housed in the Central Branch of Kingston Frontenac Public Library 130 Johnson Street in downtown Kingston.

Our collection includes:

  • primary and secondary material
  • published and unpublished material
  • full sets of publications and cemetery transcriptions prepared by members of our branch
  • materials published or produced by
    • other Ontario genealogical groups
    • historical and lineage societies and groups
    • individuals
    • commercial publishers

Our collection focuses on local materials, but it also contains many significant regional, provincial, national, and international titles.

Our collection is non-circulating, but it’s available for use by researchers whenever the library is open. For information about our full collection (as part of the library system collection), go to the library’s online catalogue. Any material within our collection includes the word GENEALOGY in its shelfmark.

As titles are added to our library, they’re listed in the next issue of our newsletter, which is sent out to all members. For more details about the library, contact the chair of the Library Committee, listed on the About page.