Thomas MacEntee’s journey into genealogy and his teachings to over 1000 groups

So, what if I told you that a Baby Boomer guy with a love of punk rock music but also Renaissance Art, somehow “fell” into the technology industry almost 40 years ago, and then left a lucrative career in information technology to pursue his love of family history and genealogy?

And that his passion for tracing his roots began over 45 years ago when he was watching the mini-series Roots on ABC Television at his great-grandparents’ house in February 1977?

While some might think these two elements – technology and historical research – are opposites. The truth is, “tech people” like Thomas are needed to guide today’s genealogists through the maze of options so they can deploy the best apps and devices as they break down those research brick walls.

Thomas MacEntee: author, educator, student, advocate, marketer, storyteller, entrepreneur, and that “genealogy guy” who helps you accomplish your family history goals.

Having taught over 1,000 in-person and virtual genealogy lectures since 2010, serving on the boards of many genealogical societies, organizing a group of over 1,000 genealogy bloggers, and helping researchers save money on genealogy products and services, Thomas is ready for the next chapter in his professional journey: changing the way genealogists acquire new research skills, motivating researchers to take a chance on new technologies, and improving how family stories and heirlooms are preserved and passed on to the next generations.

What I Believe

· I believe in abundance. That you get back ten-fold what your give freely to your profession and to your community.

· Knowledge is to be shared and not hoarded.

· Not everything is free, including genealogy records access, educational content and stuff found on the Internet.

· In order to receive the next good thing coming your way, you must have an open hand, palm up . . . you can’t get there if you’re constantly holding on to what you have.

· Always give credit and attribution; if you can’t find the artist/author/innovator, then don’t use it or share it.

· Celebrate the success of others and believe in possibilities – theirs and your own. Instead of saying, “Hey, that should be me!” say “Hey, that could be me!”

My Influences · Steal Like An Artist · Sister Corita’s Rules · Show Your Work

Want to know more about Thomas?

· I was born in New York, attended The George Washington University in Washington DC, and after living in Northern California for close to 20 years, I currently reside in Chicago.

· I’m a Baby Boomer at heart, with a head full of useless pop culture trivia.

· What I do and who I am are difficult to describe and I purposely avoid labels.

· If I had my way, I’d be in school forever, racking up degree after degree.