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Jane will relate what it meant to her as a family historian as she discovered
that her three-times great grandfather had been buried at St. Thomas but
was now missing. She uncovered the story of the burial remains and the
university-based study that was conducted.

Other cemetery disruptions will be discussed. She would like to assure participants – this really is a presentation about buttons. Five hundred and fifty-five buttons were discovered with the St. Thomas burials! If anyone would have buttons, surely it would be her ancestor, a British Army Captain who fought in the Napoleonic Wars. She was
sure, he’d have buttons.

Please join us as Jane discusses:
• What happens when cemeteries are disturbed?
• What do cemeteries provide genealogists/family historians?
• Examples of best practices when removing and reburying skeletal
• What’s gained and what’s lost in such a project?
• Her unusual experience in tracking down those buttons.