Our Library

The Kingston Branch’s library holdings are available as non-circulating reference materials that can be consulted at the Central Branch of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, whenever the Central Branch is open. To see what books we hold, see  https://kingston.ogs.on.ca/library-collection/

The Kingston Branch Librarian, Mary Burns also made an Excel file available. Click on this: Excel file of the collection.

Kingston Frontenac Public Library

The Kingston Branch OGS collection and microfilm collection are available to the public whenever the library’s Central Branch is open. For library hours, locations and announcements, please visit www.kfpl.ca.

Ancestry Library Edition can be accessed at your branch of the KFPL.

Short video tutorials about about Ancestry Library Edition and historical Kingston newspapers are available free on the KFPL YouTube channel.

For updates about the library’s status with regard to COVID restrictions, please visit the COVID Updates page of the KFPL website.

KFPL librarian Anne Hall, Local History and Genealogy, can be reached through the Contact page of the KFPL website or by email at [email protected]

Library staff are looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Anne Hall, Librarian
Local History and Genealogy
Kingston Frontenac Public Library
613-549-8888 ext 3590


Kingston Branch possesses an impressive collection of genealogical reference material, the likes of which is unequalled between Toronto and Montreal.

Photo of Kingston Branch library

Our holdings housed on 2nd floor, Central Branch KFPL, 130 Johnson Street, Kingston. Photo credit: Joyce Fingland



Our library is housed in the Central Branch of Kingston Frontenac Public Library 130 Johnson Street in downtown Kingston.

Our collection includes:

  • primary and secondary material
  • published and unpublished material
  • full sets of publications and cemetery transcriptions prepared by members of our branch
  • materials published or produced by
    • other Ontario genealogical groups
    • historical and lineage societies and groups
    • individuals
    • commercial publishers

Our collection focuses on local materials, but it also contains many significant regional, provincial, national, and international titles.

Our collection is non-circulating, but it’s available for use by researchers whenever the library is open. For information about our full collection (as part of the library system collection), go to the library’s online catalogue. Any material within our collection includes the word GENEALOGY in its shelfmark.

As titles are added to our library, they’re listed in the next issue of our newsletter, which is sent out to all members. For more details about the library, contact the chair of the Library Committee, listed on the About page.