Submitting Articles for Newsletter Publication

Our Newsletter Committee is very active, and have as their mandate "to seek out information which may be published and widely distributed" to to all Members five times per year. In keeping with their mandate, our Newsletter Commitee is always looking for new material.

The Committee will accept for consideration articles and papers of historical and genealogical interest on the area. Some of the types of information we're eager to bring to a wider audience include:

If you have Indexed a record or prepared a manuscript that you consider to be of local significance or of potential interest to a wider audience, please contact the Chair of our Newsletter Committee at:

Chair, Newsletter Committee - Article for Review
Kingston Branch, OGS
P.O.Box 1394, KINGSTON, ON, Canada, K7L 5C6

or by emailing the Branch. Please be sure to put "Newsletter Submission" in the Subject line.

We encourage you to submit material for consideration, but please, contact us first. We cannot guarantee to return unsolicted manuscripts. If your Article proves to be a little larger than we normally consider for insertion in our Newsletter, we may suggest that it become a separate Publication.

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