Honorary Members

For their outstanding service to Kingston Branch and to regional genealogical interests, the following people have been awarded honorary membership in Kingston Branch.

1976    Barrie Robinson*

1980    Rose Mary Gibson*

1982    Loral Wanamaker*

1982    Mildred Wanamaker*

1986    Marjorie Simmons*

1989    Arthur E. S. Bell*

1991    Robert Sargeant*

1991    J. R. Ernest Miller*

1994    Irwin M. Ruttle*

1995    Peggy Cohoe*

1996    Robert A. Jones*

2000    Dawn Broughton*

2002    Barbara Aitken

2013    Sharon Cadieux

2016    Nancy Cutway

2017    Paul Woodrow

If you think that someone in our branch has provided a remarkable service to our genealogical community and you’d like to nominate him or her for honorary membership, contact the Branch.


*an asterisk indicates that the member has passed away