Diarists part of the Collection by Catharine Wilson

Here are just a few Eastern Ontario diarists that are part of our collection which we have transcribed for free:

James Cameron of Glengarry County, farmer/trapper/fisherman living on an Island.
and one of his transcribed diaries

Mary Josephine McDonald of Stormont County who writes about the Spanish Flu, a very topical issue these
days. https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/mary-josephine-minnie-mcdonald
and her transcribed diary

Lucy Middagh of Dundas County, whose several diaries have come together on the website from various parts of
the world. https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/lucy-middagh
Click on “Browse on the Rural Diary Archive” at the bottom of this page and you’ll arrive at her transcribed diaries.

George Easton of Lanark County who is pioneering. You can find his transcript by clicking on “Browse on the Rural Diary Archive” at the bottom of this page. We also accept diaries that have already been transcribed, as was the case with this diary.
https ://rurald iaries.lib. uog uel ph. ca/george-easton

You can see the diaries we have profiled for your county in our “Meet the Diarist” section by using the County filter: