All mail received by electronic or regular means will be directed to the attention of the branch member who can best respond to it. We try to respond to all mail as promptly as we can.

The general email address for our branch is [email protected]. If you know the name or title of the member to whom you wish to direct your correspondence, please state that information with the message or email them directly.

BRANCH COUNCIL 2023-2024 (term ends at AGM, February 2024)


Committee Chairs

Other Positions (contact through Branch email):
Education (subcomittee of Programme committee): vacant
Hospitality (subcommittee of Programme committee): Barbara Monk
TONI Co-ordinator: Paul Woodrow

Our mailing address is Kingston Branch OGS, PO Box 1394, Kingston, ON, Canada, K7L 5C6.

Our Mailing and Membership Committee Chair checks this post office box at least twice a week. All official correspondence with the branch is handled through our post office box.

When corresponding by regular mail, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope (with Canadian postage) or an International Reply Coupon. As volunteers, we do not have the financial resources to respond if you do not enclose an SSAE.